Why raw milk is a bad idea

August 29, 2014

Campylobacter is no joke….as these Utahans found out….

Dr. D.

Haute cuisine is in the eye of the beholder

August 21, 2014

Funny stuff…..a 4 year old reviews a meal from the French Laundry (the best restaurant in the world, according to Anthony Bourdain….)

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Corn on the cob video tip

August 21, 2014

Ice cream vs gelato…and a bunch of other frozen desserts

August 20, 2014

Confused about what makes one frozen dessert different from another one?  Read on…..

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Sweeteners 101

August 11, 2014

Here’s a nice introduction to many of the sweeteners, both natural and synthetic, that are used in foods today.

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To thaw or not to thaw?

August 7, 2014

So just how do you handle frozen steaks?  Here’s the answer….

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How to get restaurant diners to pick more healthy options

August 6, 2014

Don’t call it healthy among other things…..very interesting….

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What’s wrong with Walmart Ice cream bars?

August 4, 2014

Why don’t they melt?  It’s no mystery, just the gums they contain…

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